DuneTune is a brand-new, powerful, and professional live act combining rhythm, drums and percussion in a unique style.

DuneTune can take your event to the next level with a diverse range of performance styles that fits for LED and laser shows, fire stage shows, 3D mapping, and street parades.

DuneTune also works in cooperation with artists, acrobats, musicians, and other performers.

The DT act is now available for worldwide bookings; shows, events, theatrical productions, celebrations, ceremonies, concerts & festivals



The DuneTune DRUMSHOW is the signature offering.

The performance includes custom made drum racks with special LED-designed drums.
The racks are also built to mount lights, lasers, co2 jets, or even flamemasters depending on the show.

This show can be booked with 2-4 drummers as a stand alone act, or in cooperation with other performers & mixed multimedia productions.


DuneTune works with internationally renowned DJ & mashup producer DJ Schmolli.

This collaboration enables DuneTune to provide the best live mix, from the newest releases to classics, for your entertainment.

This kind of show includes 2 drummers and 1 DJ, and is a great showcase for clubs, parties, festivals, and corporate celebrations.


DuneTune can also perform unplugged without sound systems and microphones.

The LED Marching Drum act was produced for street shows, city festivals, parades, fan zones, and can be performed on a stage or on the street as walkabout entertainment.

Booking can be made for 3-6 drummers, often combined with other musicians and street performers & stylised as required.


DuneTune consists of a crew of skilled drummers, who have worked for more than 15 years on events including music festivals, corporate events, business meetings, sport events, opening and closing ceremonies, to theatrical productions and more.

After performing around the world in cities such as Vienna, London, Dubai, Doha, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Moscow, Cairo and more it was time to draw from these experiences and create something new!

DuneTune works exclusively with chosen international sound and light technicians, stage designers, and other professional partners to provide the best possible results and new concepts.





Phone: +43 676 7376456

Created & Produced by: Raffael Herget
Musical Director: Raffael Herget & Martin Wagner

DuneTune is always open to new suggestions and challenges and can work with you to create a customized experience that fits your vision.